One of the most widely seen varieties worldwide, the half battered kerb is a cost effective and extremely popular kerbing solutions. Its main function is to warn motorists of being too close to the edge of the carriageway. The inherent shape of the half battered kerb also has the additional advantage of allowing road rollers to operate right upto the edge of the pavement without scratching or damaging the kerb surface.

An extremely popular kerbing solution for major roadways and pathways, half battered kerbstones are available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit various paving styles.

(Tolerance 3mm)

Available In:

Natural Grey & Pigmented


From 800 psi to 1500 ps


  • Lawns & Landscape
  • Pedestrian Paths
  • Centre Medians
  • Air & Seaport
  • Gas Stations
  • Public Parks
  • Landscapes
  • Terminals
  • Parking
  • Ramps