The bullnose kerb provides a soft edge restraint to the kerbstone, while continuing to maintain a 90-degree angle to the ground. Due to this smooth, curved edge, the bullnose is well suited for a variety of applications, including being used to border pathways, steps and flowerbeds with the aim of providing definition. When a crossing is required, normally for access to a private driveway or pedestrian crossing, a bullnose curb sequence is used. Choose from a variety of colours and finishes in the bullnose series to suit your environment.

(Tolerance 3mm)

Available In:

Natural Grey & Pigmented.


From 2500 psi to 4000 psi


  • Lawns & Landscape
  • Pedestrian Paths
  • Centre Medians
  • Air & Seaports
  • Gas Stations
  • Public Parks
  • Landscapes
  • Terminals
  • Parking
  • Ramps